About the Author

From the days when the industrial robot arm was the high-tech solution to industrial automation, to today, when surgical medical robots are in the news almost every day, robotics technology is booming. Global competition and the push for enhance productivity and quality of work and the lowered cost of ever-more-capable sensors and CPUs are just two of many areas propelling that boom.
The Robot Report gathers and reports industry news, tracks the business of robotics, and has developed proprietary (ROBO-STOX™) methods to compare robot industry stock performance to the NASDAQ Index. Whether reporting about a robotic arm, a new robotic hand or the stock results of the robotics industry, The Robot Report strives to keep you informed. The Robot Report also has a comprehensive worldwide database of public and private companies that are participants in the robotics industry.
The Robot Report has been reporting on robot news, competitions and events since 2008.
Frank Tobe is the owner and publisher of The Robot Report. After selling his business and retiring from 25+ years as consultant in database development and direct marketing services to the DNC and major presidential, senatorial, congressional, mayoral campaigns and initiatives and PR campaigns all across the U.S., Canada and internationally, he has energetically pursued a new career in researching and investing in robotics.
“Early in 2008, in a personal effort to learn about the robotics industry and the future of robotics, with an eye toward selectively investing in publicly-traded and privately owned robotics businesses, I began an intensive research project that took me to Japan, Korea, China, France, Germany and all over the Internet. My eyesight has suffered but not my mind. I love what I’m doing and finding out and, in an effort to share my research, I set up the website, The Robot Report, to track the business of robotics. Early in 2009 I set up the Everything-Robotic blog to supplement The Robot Report with periodic in-depth personal insights.”