Tuesday, April 13, 2010

How do you say "surgical robot" in Chinese, Korean and Japanese?

When you travel to foreign places, Google is there waiting for you. Type in your query and it will find what you want... maybe. If you type "surgical robot" in English while in Hong Kong using Google.com.hk you will get entirely different answers than if you were to enter 外科手术机器人 (the same term) in Chinese.  The results are also different if you enter "surgical robot" using Japanese or Korean symbols into the Chinese search engine.

The term "surgical robot" looks like this in Korean, Japanese and Chinese respectively:
There are also non-Google search engines for these languages and in each of these countries.  They too have the same anomaly: enter a term in English and get different results than if you enter the same term in the local language.

Because of this phenomena, and because many of our readers reside in Korea, Japan and China - a major area of robotic development - there are now three new pages: in Japanese, Korean and Chinese, which link directly to The Robot Report.

Although the pages are in Japanese, Korean and Chinese, the message is the same: visit The Robot Report, an English language website, to view the latest news about the business of robotics.  Also, the site contains a free and extensive worldwide database of public and private companies that are participants in this vital, emerging industry.